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Wagyu Bulls For Sale - FB70235

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WC Val's 30T Rocky 37J. Born 5/15/2021. AA3 & Defect Free.  Fullblood Black Wagyu.

This bull is sired by FB46053, a bull we raised on the farm. He was a fast growing bull and as long as a hot dog (30T is well known for huge ribeye area) with big names in his pedigree such as Shigeshigetani 30T, Itomoritaka, and Hirashigetayasu Z278.   

His dam, FB19710 is one of our best donors, a nice sound all around female who has been a great mother to her calves. She touts big names in her pedigree as well, such as Fukutsuru 068, Michifuku, Kikiyasu 400, and more.

Data and more detail can be provided, please contact us!  Tag 37.