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King Trent Bridge. Born 3/17/2021. SCD/Tenderness Pending & Defect Free.  Fullblood Black Wagyu.

This bull is sired by Trent Bridge N346, a top Austrailian bull who is in the process of getting registered with the USA association. N346 is a solid bull. He brings size and marbling, similar to the top bulls in the world, if his low accuracy retail yield would improve (very possible), he'll likley rank right up there with the top bulls. He ranks in the top 5% of all animals for both carcass weight, eye muscle area, and marble score, with his marble fineness ranking in the top 1%. What really makes him stand out from the top bulls though is he has great milk EBVs. In addition to all those top stats, he's in the top 5% for milk as well! As such, he'll make an excellent addition to a fullblood program.  

On the maternal side (FB20177) we have one of our favorite cows, she came to us from the LMR program, a pioneer of using data to drive breeding decisions. She has been a great mother with good milk and has thrown great calves. Her top side contains Itozuru Doi (151) along with Itomichi and Itoshigenami (148). On the bottom we have Sanjirou 4P along with Michifuku and Kikuyasu-400. These are some of the best names ever in both size and marbling bulls.

Data and more detail can be provided, please contact us!  Tag 17J.