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Wagyu Bulls For Sale - WCRF23U0017

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WALKER CATTLE UNITED 5520 (AI). Born 3/18/23. VA7. Free from all defects. Australia Registration: WCRF23U0017 USA Registration: FB Pending. Fullblood Japanese Black Wagyu Bull for Sale.  17L

This registered wagyu bull we have for sale is sired by the world famous Arubial United. United has the elusive combination of both a high carcass weight and high marbling. This unique combination of size and marble puts him in the top top of every index, there just isn't a better all around looking bull than him. And he's defect free and readily available, making him one of the most popular wagyu bulls ever.

On the dam side we have a well built cow we snagged from lone mountain ranch. She is their 'go to' combo of Kitaguni Jr and Yasufuku Jr, a pair that delivers amazingly marbled beef in a small framed body.

This bull on the block, per his AU EBVs, is topping all four indexes. He is ranking in either the top 5% to the top 1% in the wagyu breeders index (WBI Index), the self replacing index (SRI Index), the fullblood terminal index (FTI Index), and the f1 terminal index (F1TI Index). Essentially his above average size, and his top 25% EMA, along with sky high marble and marble fineness scores puts him at the top of all of these indexes. With that, and his defect free status, this is a very unique bull.

Australian ebv chart for a registered Japanese black wagyu bull that we have for sale in north texas