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Wagyu Cows & Heifers For Sale - FB35705

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WC MIchifuku Mishi 58F ET. Born 4.19.2018. AA10 & Defect Free. AI'd to Arubial United!

Her sire, FB21095, is Michiyoshi 522C, an outstanding SCD-AA10 bull with Sanjirou both top and bottom! You'll find some other big names in this pedigree as well - Michiyoshi, JVP Fukutsuru 068 & Itoshigefuji TF147 to name a few. Her dam, FB19710 is a well balanced animal that has produced very nice calves. She brings Michifuku and JVP Kikuyasu-400 to the pedigree, two more powerhouse names. This is a nice docile cow. She's bred to Arubial United and the calf is sure to be a sale ringer!

Data and more detail can be provided, please contact us! Tag 58.