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Wagyu Cows & Heifers For Sale - FB42686

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WC MS KUROSAWA KISAKI 106F ET. Born 10.25.2018. AA9 & Defect Free. Sells bred, due late April 2023.

Ms Kurosawa is one of the higher end cows we have for sale, she's proven and good value being bred. She's a smaller-framed higher-marbling animal. Her sire, from the LMR program, is Kurosawa. He was one of their more favorite sires with a combination of the famous and hard to find Sanjirou 4P and Toshiro 1/3. Her dam is one of our favorite donor cows, she brings Itozurudoi TF151 and more 4P to the pedigree, along with some further back Michifuku and Kikuyasu 400. She is bred to FB82424 (also registered in Australia as WCRFS0017). He's an outstanding young bull with nice EBV's, one we like enough to collect/sell semen from. His sire is Trent Bridge N346 out of Australia, and his dam is also FB20177 adding more 4P linebreeding - inbreeding coefficient (COI) of the calf is 12.5%, under the recommended 15% threshold.

Data and more detail can be provided, please contact us! Tag 106.