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Wagyu Cows & Heifers For Sale - FB63020

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WC MS MACH MICH YASU 02H. Born 12.06.2020. AA7 & Defect Free. Sells open, will be bred January-ish.

Ms Mach is an older heifer ready to be bred and pass down her nice pedigree. She is a nice combination of size and great maternals from her dam and grabs high marbling with a good growth rate from her sire. Her sire, was the fastest growing calf of his group, carries an AA7 and is out of the AA10 Bay Ito Macho bull. Her dam is the best 'mother cow' of all of our donors. Ms Mach has some big names in her pedigree such as Itomoritaka J2703, Michifuku, Itoshigefuji, Kitaguni Jr, Hirashigetayasu, and others. She's a well built, big/stout heifer.

Data and more detail can be provided, please contact us! Tag 02H.