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With Registered Wagyu or Wagyu Cross Cattle there is no reason you can't Grade Prime - Every Time! ®

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Wagyu Cows and Heifers for Sale

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Wagyu Bulls and Bull Calves for Sale

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NuWagyu is focused on selling high-end Wagyu breeding stock.  As you browse, you'll notice that we have our emphasis on SCD-AA and defect-free wagyu cattle.  The Wagyu breed while very small relative to other commercial breeds such as Angus, is highly sought after for their unique marbling abilities.  The heavy marbling of Wagyu is what drives the demand, and as such we have prioritized that trait within our herd.  This high marbling comes at a cost though, these animals are slower to grow which adds cost to the beef operation as well as breeding operations.  Generally, these animals aren't harvested until they reach 30 months of age and the females aren't bred until they reach two years of age.  Wagyu cattle have secondary pros and cons as well.   Their other big downside is, generally speaking, their mothering skills aren't the best, primarily driven by low milk supply to the calves.  With that, a creep feed routine is paramount with Wagyu calves.   Those are the main two downsides.  The other upsides are docility (toward humans more so than other cows), the ability to cover more cows as their semen quality is excellent, and finally low birth weight.   The low birth weight in some cases is the most sought-after trait, although this is tied to also receiving a premium for the calves over domestic bulls.  First time heifers can be problematic and using a low birth weight bull will greatly improve calving ease.   Prior to Wagyu, the Longhorn breed was a popular heifer bull choice due to low birth weights.  With Wagyu, you get that same benefit but you also receive a premium when selling the calves, it really is a win-win situation for commercial breeders.  In addition to selling cows and bulls, we also offer embryos.  Embryos are an economical way to start bringing Wagyu into your herd.  We can run custom flush programs as well, just send us a note and we can start the conversation.