Our Ranch


Our main focus is on developing high quality Wagyu ‘seed stock’. When we started our cattle adventure we began with ‘normal cattle’ and many of these animals still wander the farm today. While there is nothing wrong with normal, the health aspects and amazing taste of Japanese Kobe style beef along with the docility and calving ease of the animals drove us the Wagyu breed. As with anything there are pros and cons. What we see as cons to the breed are the slower growth rate which adds time and cost into the operation (hence the higher price tag), they seem to be perhaps a little less hearty than some other breeds, and some of the cows just don’t make good mamas. But we feel the pros outweigh the cons. Calving ease is a big deal with Wagyu, especially when crossed to commercial cows. Full blood wagyu calves are very small, generally 50-60lbs and continue to gain in popularity with commercial cattle ranchers to use on heifers. The bulls can also service upwards of 50% more females than traditional breeds. In addition to their docility, which is a plus, their meat is unique versus traditional cattle and the difference is genetic. Due to a unique allele their fat melts at a lower temperature making the beef taste buttery and rich. It also contains a higher ratio of mono to saturated fats and higher linoleic acids, which some health experts claim are good for you. Within the breed there are 3 allele pairs cattle can have: VV, VA, and AA. A very controversial theory is that the AA gene yields the lower melting point and healthier fat of the three types. While I cannot prove nor disprove this, we have been highly focused on SCD AA animals.


We call North Texas home. Our farms are roughly an hour north of Dallas & we love having visitors (just let us know in advance!). We are a small family operated farm and we are growing, but we don’t want to grow too much. We like the ability to stay small. Turning the operation into more of a business where our decisions are made based on financial metrics vs. animal welfare is not a situation we want to be in. We’ll continue to expand but we’ll do so on our own terms so to say. We try to keep things as natural as possible on the ranch too and are moving to a more organic operation. No growth hormones and nonsense like that. No animal products in the feed. Our animals are grass fed and supplemented with grains depending on the season and age of the animals. These cows have it good!