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Are you looking to stock your freezer full of wagyu beef?  If so, we sell customized beef by the halves or wholes.   Please fill out the contact form below and we'll reach out to discuss timing and such. 
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100% Wagyu

Wagyu Beef is highly sought after due to some unique meat characteristics. Wagyu Cattle are different from other breeds on a DNA-level. They carry alleles which cause their fat to melt at lower temperatures than traditional cattle. Its this lower melting point that gives Wagyu a smooth buttery taste. Wagyu are also higher marbling animals, meaning there is more intra-muscular fat (fine grains of fat embedded throughout the muscle) on these steaks. There are studies suggesting this fat is healthier than normal beef as well. Treat yourself and see what all the fuss is about!

F1 Wagyu Cross Beef for Sale Online

Wagyu Cross

A taste combination of Wagyu and Traditional Beef.  If you read the column to the left, you'll pick up that Wagyu beef is very rich.  With that, 100% Wagyu Beef can have a taste that might seem unusual due to the high fat content. By crossbreeding these cattle to commercial cattle (Angus and similar breeds), you get a steak that has characteristics of both, a little less extreme and a little lower cost.  The bulk of product marketed to consumers today as Wagyu is really F1 Wagyu.  Also, a 'F2' is simply an F1 that has been bred back to a FB Wagyu.  It would thus be 75% Wagyu 25% traditional.  Same logic applies for F3, F4, etc.

Traditional Angus type beef for sale


Our traditional steaks are what people are generally used to eating. While not as extravagant as Wagyu, these steaks are still terrific. They are raised on small to medium size ranches not large overcrowded feedlots where they're pumped full of hormones and later subjected to long supply chains on the way to the supermarket shelf. All beef that we sell comes from either our ranch or partners of ours who share the same compassion for these animals.

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