wagyu cow with wagyu calf by side standing in grass

Recipient Cows Pregnant with Embryo Calves ($2500 Deposit)

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Wagyu Pregnancies:

We are offering commercial recipient cows that are carrying high-end 100% wagyu embryos.  The embryos will be from either Sumo Michifuku F154, Arubial Anticipated or Arubial United, three of the best bulls in the world.   The dams will be various donor dams all of which are premium cows.   We can use different sires, contact us for details on that program.

The sires and many of the dams have descriptions on our embryo pages:

F154 - Click here

United- Click here

Anticipated - Click here


$5,000 each

$4,500 each when buying 10 or more

$400 additional if requesting sexed semen to be used.

Transportation is additional, we work with haulers and can get you a quote.


Generally these are made to order, sometimes they're in stock.