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Hello and welcome to our homepage!   Nuwagyu raises and sells high quality Wagyu seed stock, that's our primary focus.   With that, we sell Wagyu Bulls, Cows, Embryos, and Semen.   We concentrate on Japanese black fullblood Wagyu genetics targeting SCD-AA and genetic-defect-free animals.   We search for the best bloodlines available worldwide which includes Australian sires.  Our secondary focus is selling wagyu beef online.  We are actively involved in humanely raising these animals and providing the best care to them.  We don't skimp and we don't take short cuts.   And the quality shows, whether customers are buying AA10 heifer bulls or wagyu ribeye steaks, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.   We are located an hour north of Dallas and happy to have visitors come out to see the cattle and talk wagyu.   Thank you for taking the time to view our site!

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oxtail stew potato mushroom
oxtail stew potato mushroom
wagyu oxtail frozen in bag


dinner setting raw wagyu short ribs and bone marrow
wagyu beef bone marrow canoe style

Beef Bones (Marrow)

meaty beef bones in boiling pot making stew
meaty beef bones in boiling pot making stew
wagyu beef bones meaty in a bag frozen

Beef Bones (Meaty)

cup of broth sitting on wagyu bones
cup of broth sitting on wagyu bones

Beef Bones