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TM KUIHOFUKU 103 L (AI). Born 1/26/23. B3 Carrier. Australia Registration: TMSF23U103L Fullblood Japanese Black Wagyu Bull for Sale 

This japanese black wagyu bull we have for sale is sired by Olive Grove Wagyu Q038. He was brought over from Australia and tops every index while being defect free. He tops all indexes by having sky high marbling and size numbers, the combo everyone is aiming to achieve.

On the dam side we have a cow built for marble, having the Michifuku and Kikuyasu 400 bulls in the pedigree.

The 103L bull has taken the best from both parents and per his Australian EBVs is hitting the top 10% in all four indexes! He is top 10-25% in everything that counts - carcass weight, yield, marble score and marble fineness. He is also above average in all weight classes. This bull brings a nice combination of both size and marbling, he is very nice and something that is not easy to find.

Australian ebv chart for a registered Japanese black wagyu bull that we have for sale in north texas