12.16.2023.denton, tx. wagyu bull standing in field with blue sky and green grass in background

Wagyu Bulls For Sale - TMSF23U104L

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TM KITANAMI 104L (AI). Born 2/3/23. Free from all defects. Australia Registration: TMSF23U104L Fullblood Japanese Black Wagyu Bull for Sale  

This young wagyu bull we have for sale is sired by the Arubial Bond, one of the best known bulls in the breed. He's sky high everything you want minus the size. Just amazing numbers that are literally off the chart such as a 3.0 marble score and 13.5 EMA!

On the dam side we have the original Kitateruyasudoi J2810 over a dam who has Takasuru, Michifuku, and Kikuyasu influence in her pedigree.

Back to the bull for sale, he's set up to be a small framed animal with sky high marbling and eye muscle area (the things that count). He'll be great for heifers (low birth weight) and any meat production!

Australian ebv chart for a registered Japanese black wagyu bull that we have for sale in north texas