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Wagyu Bulls For Sale - TMSF23U114L

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TM YURIKATANI 114L (ET). Born 5/6/23. Free from all defects. Australia Registration: TMSF23U114L Fullblood Japanese Black Wagyu Bull for Sale  

This wagyu bull we have for sale online is sired by Shigeshigetani, one of the top bulls in the USA. He is a product of the original imports - Suzutani and Haruki 2. He's an average size bull with high marble and ribeye area.

On the dam side we have a well built cow out of the MacQuarie Wagyu program in Australia. She is a mix of J2810, Michifuku, ItozuruDoi, and Sanjirou. Quite the line up.

This bull being offered should be balanced. He's predicted to have above average growth and marbling, with a very high ribeye area and carcass weight. He'll be a great option for whatever you want to use him for.

Australian ebv chart for a registered Japanese black wagyu bull that we have for sale in north texas