Wagyu Bulls For Sale - FB52175

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WC Yojimbo Tajimax 125G. Born 11.05.2019. AA4 & Defect Free. Fullblood Black Wagyu.  

I'd group this guy as the second best looking bull of the group, but they're still young, he's probably going to make the others look like midgets soon!  This bull is out of the legendary Tajimax, at 2200lbs he is the largest high-Tajima bull outside of Japan!  Good stories online of how he was almost castrated, etc.  His dam, is out of one of 711's better producing donor cows - She is a balanced Wagyu, stoutly build, with a medium-sized frame (1,100lbs) with outstanding phenotype and conformation, who’s pedigree indicates that she should contribute excellent carcass qualities to her offspring. She is very docile and she has proven to have excellent calf-raising characteristics, outstanding fertility and far higher than average embryo production per flush.

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