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WALKER CATTLE YASUFUKU 820 (AI). Born 11/13/22. VA1. CL16 Carrier. Australia Registration: WCRF22T0037 USA Registration: FB106033. Fullblood Japanese Black Wagyu Bull for Sale.  Ear Tag 37

This wagyu bull we have for sale online is sired by the Yasufuku Jr, an LMR favorite for marbling and a collectors item now! He was known for high marbling and good ribeye area. He is a smaller framed bull.

On the dam side we have a well built cow, one of our best. She is a Mayura L10 over Itomichi 1/2 cow. She is a high marbling cow with great MS and MF scores, and an oddly high Rump Fat score. Goes along with high milk, but small size, and low birth weight. She's been a great cow, we've had her since she was a heifer.

The bull for sale, using the AU EBV and pedigree as a guide, will be top 10% of the breed in marbling (MS/MF). He'll be smaller framed and a great option for first calf heifers. He's top 10% in both meat production indexes as well. A very nice bull.

Australian ebv chart for a registered wagyu bull that we have for sale in texas