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WALKER CATTLE QUEEN'S UNITED (ET). Born 3/21/23. VA6. Free from all defects. Australia Registration: WCRF23U0003 USA Registration: FB Pending. Fullblood Japanese Black Wagyu Bull for Sale  3L

This wagyu bull we have for sale is sired by the world famous Arubial United. United has the elusive combination of both a high carcass weight and high marbling. This unique combination of size and marble puts him in the top top of every index, there just isn't a better all around looking bull than him. And he's defect free and readily available, making him one of the most popular wagyu bulls ever.

On the dam side we have a well built cow from the LMR program. She's an average cow with good ema and milk. A great mother to her calves, which hopefully this bull will pass along to his future daughters in your herd.

The combo is predicted to be a top 25% bull in terms of size and top 10% in hanging weight.  All with above average marbling and rib eye area.   This would be a great bull for the production of replacement heifers.   

wagyu ebv chart top 10%