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We have a variety of full blood wagyu semen available for sale.  Please use the drop down menu to see what sires are available as well as pricing.  Their USA registration numbers are listed first and their AU registration numbers are listed second, in the brackets.

Shipping is additional and includes a return label for the tank.

Highlighted Bulls!

L10!  Mayura L0010 - FB45043, ADBFL0010, CHS Carrier

L10 is one of the top bulls in the world.   One of the original bulls to combine both size and marbling and has forever changed the Wagyu breed.

mayura wagyu semen for sale

King Trent Bridge - AA7 - FB82424, WCRFS0017

Top 5% Muscle Fineness

Top 30% Marble Score

Top 15% Eye Muscle Area

Top 20% Milk

This is an outstanding young bull with balance that will work well across different programs.   He hits a high mark on the most sought after wagyu characteristics - marbling and eye muscle.   Decent milking scores are hard to find as well, especially on high marbling animals, something important if retaining heifers.   Whether producing full-blood or cross beef or focusing on replacement heifers or anything in-between, these will be great genetics for your herd.

While the EBVs predict this bull to be slower growing and average mature size, he grew very quickly 'in real life'.   He was just under 900lbs as a yearling (899lbs @ 382 days), and tipped the scales at 1065lbs a couple months later (446 days).  


Pedigree and EBVs Below:

wagyu bull pedigree chart


WC Sensei 154 - AA3 - FB70238, WCRFS0015, IARS Carrier

Top 5% Muscle Fineness

Top 30% Marble Score

Top 15% 200/400/600 Day Weights

Top 25% Carcass Weight

This is a great opportunity to add high marbling and high growth to your herd.   Sensei was the fastest grower in his group and the best growing/looking bull we have raised.   He hit 1000lbs by time he was 12 months old, a rarity with wagyu cattle.   He is a carrier of the IARS defect so make sure not to breed him to wagyu cows carrying the same or just use to make some amazing F1's.

f154 wagyu semen for sale in the usa

WC Kurosawa Kisaki 154 - AA5 - FB70307, WCRFS0019, Defect Free

Top 5% Muscle Fineness

Top 20% Marble Score

Top 20% EMA

This is a well built young bull, typical of a normal wagyu where he is smaller in size and heavy in marbling.   He's bigger than his EBV's give him credit for, but certainly not huge.  To make up for it he's carrying a solid eye muscle area ebv.   All said, he's a very nice bull.

wagyu bull semen genetic ebv chart

Mr. Universe!  M6 Itoshigenami 073H. FB60886, M6RFR073H, CL16 Carrier

Top 1% in BOTH Wagyu Breeder Index and Self-Replacing Index

Top 5% in BOTH Fullblood Terminal Index and F1 Terminal Index

Top 5% in marble score 

Top 10% in marble fineness 

This is an amazing animal, he's near the top in almost every category, just check out his EBV stats below.   A picture is worth 1000 words and I don't think we need to say another thing!   This semen has a minimum order of two straws.