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We have a variety of full blood wagyu semen available for sale.  Please use the drop down menu to see what sires are available as well as pricing.  Their USA registration numbers are listed first and their AU registration numbers are listed second, in the brackets.

Shipping is additional and will be billed directly by the embryologist.  It usually runs between $2-300 which includes the return label for the tank.

Highlighted Bulls!

King Trent Bridge - AA7 - FB82424, AU Pending

This is an outstanding young bull with balance that will work well across different programs.   Registration is still pending so this will be updated once that process is complete.   The mating predictor from the AU association shows he’ll be high marbling at the expense of some size but interestingly he grabs a large ribeye area and a high milk score.  Whether producing fullblood or cross beef or focusing on replacement heifers or anything in-between, these will be great genetics for your herd.

What’s deceptive on his EBV chart is the size.  While it is predicting him to be below average on size, he is the second fastest growing bull we’ve ever produced, second only to a bull born around the same time out of the F154 bull.  He was just under 900lbs as a yearling (899lbs @ 382 days), and tipped the scales at 1065lbs a couple months later (446 days).  

Sire Reg #s – TBRFN346 & FB80222

Dam Reg #s – LMRFK4348 & FB20177

Pedigree and EBV Predictor Graph Below:

wagyu bull pedigree chart

wagyu bull australian ebv chart