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United!  Arubial United (MYMFP0324) embryos are available to buy online.  He is one of the hottest bulls in the world.  He more or less ranks at the very top of every single category of the breed EBVs.  He misses on milk, but has a very respectable milk score as well (top 10%).   A picture is worth 1000 words and if you scroll over to the image of his EBV chart you'll see what all the fuss is about.  For icing on the cake he is also defect free!

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*  Dam descriptions are below.  If you see a dam but she is not in the drop down list, those embryos are sold out.  When you find one you like, select her FB number in the drop down box and pricing will pull up.  Some may show as sold out. *

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FB55198 - WC Ms Mayura 0010 100H - VA4, CHS Carrier

This amazing heifer is out of none other than the most famous bull today, Mayura L0010!   His stats are incredible and he along with some other high data AU bulls are revolutionizing the American Wagyu herd.   From her dam, she inherited genetics from Kitaguni Jr on the top side with Yasufuku Jr and Sanjirou on the bottom.  The Kitaguni over Yasufuku was touted to be one of LMR's favorite crosses in terms of carcass performance.

The ability to buy embryos containing both F154 and L0010 is truly a very unique opportunity to add outstanding EBVs to your herd. 

FB20177 - LMR MS AKAHIGE 4348B - SCD AA7 - Defect Free

One of our favorite cows, she came to us from the LMR program, one of the pioneers of using data to drive breeding decisions.  She has been a great mother with good milk and has thrown great calves.  Her top side contains Itozuru Doi (151) along with Itomichi and Itoshigenami (148).   On the bottom we have Sanjirou 4P along with Michifuku and Kikuyasu-400.   These are some of the best names ever in both size and marbling bulls.


FB42686 - WC MS KUROSAWA KISAKI 106F ET - SCD AA9 - Defect Free

This cow is a daughter of FB14929 above, her data has improved a little through this mating.  Kurosawa, her sire, is one of our favorite domestic bulls.   His calves have all come out looking great and grow very well.  Kurosawa is an AA10 as well which has improved her SCD score.  He adds Sanjirou 4P to her top side (she now has 4P top and bottom), along with a double dose of the larger framed foundation bull Kikuhana.


FB14929 - LMR MS SENSEI 2425Z - SCD AA4 - IARS Carrier

This is another cow that came to us from the LMR program.  She is a larger frame cow with good milk and mothering instincts while still carrying a top 10% marble fineness score.  Her top side contains Itozuru Doi (151), Itoshigenami (148), and Itomichi while on the bottom she has Michifuku, Hirashigetayasu (J2351), and Kikuhana.  Some of the best names in the breed!

FB21622 - LMR MS Kitaguni 5520 - SCD AA7 - Defect Free

This sweet cow is from one of LMR's highly touted crosses of Kitaguni and Yasufuku.   Their internal data shows this to be a cross that produces high marbling animals.   She has been a prolific flusher as well, giving us 34 IVF embryos on a recent flush.   In addition to the popular sires above she also has a double dose of Michifuku in the pedigree.

FB34829 - CX4 MS SABURO 493E ET - AA10 - Defect Free

If you're a fan of high SCD AA numbers, it doesn't get any better than this.  She is an average size cow, with great marbling potential.  She is out of Saburo 53Y, one of the best bulls in the Bar R program, and a chart topper back in the 2017 WSU sire summary!  On her bottom side is Michifuku, Fukutsuru 068, and Kikuyasu 400, some of the best marbling animals ever.  Imagine landing an AA10 F154 calf!


FB46057 - WC MS 30T Rockette 118G ET - AA8 - Defect Free

This heifer has the lucky combination of having size in her pedigree and scores an AA8 on the SCD/Tenderness scale.  Her sire, Shigeshigetani 30T is a powerhouse known for his massive ribeye area.  On the bottom, she has 'Rocky', a better balanced son of Itomoritaka thanks to some help from Sanjirou, along with Hirashigetayasu Z278, one of Westholme's most famous bulls.  She is an outstanding heifer.


FB52170 - WC MS Jiros Shig R 132G - AA10 - Defect Free

Here is another opportunity to grab embryos with the ability to hit some great SCD/Tenderness scores!   This AA10 heifer is sired by Jiro 22T, an AA10 bull who is one of the all time marbling leaders in the breed.   Her dam, FB19868, one of our more proficient donors, adds more big names to this heifer's pedigree:  Shigeshigetani (Haruki 2 + Suzutani), Michifuku, Takazakura, and Kikuyasu 400.


FB51846 - WC MS Kurisumasu 82G - AA6 - Defect Free

This animal is a unique blend of the famous Prelude over Michiyoshi!   Prelude, one of the top bulls in AU, has an average milk rating, above average size, and high marbling EBVs.   As such, his index values are sky high.  Michiyoshi, a marbling leader, is unique in having both the Exon BC and SCD AA variants.  In a past AWA bull study, all of this F1 calves graded prime, with 92% grading high prime.


FB52176 - WC Tajimax Hirasimbo 128G - AA5 - Defect Free


FB52177 - WC Tajimax Yojimbo 130G - AA5 - Defect Free

These sisters look amazing, tall as can be and beautiful.  As their name hints, they are sired by Tajimax, the largest Tajima bull on record, topping the scales at 2200 pounds while running with cows!  Personally, we were somewhat hesitant to use Tajimax, not totally believing the hype, but after seeing several of his calves we are now believers.  Their dam, FB18346, contains a 'who's who' of names in her pedigree including:  Fukutsuru-068, Yasufuku Jr, Michifuku, Takazakura, Kitateruyasudoi J2810, Itomichi, Kikuyasu 400, and Hirashigetayasu J2351.   Some amazing bulls in this pedigree!


These are IVF grade 1 embryos. We can produce more and/or use different dams as well as run conventional flushes if desired. Please contact us for details.